Dragalia Lost

Collaborating on the development and management of the mobile action RPG Dragalia Lost.


World Flipper

Collaborating on the development and management of the mobile action RPG World Flipper.

Battle Champs

Battle Champs

Working on the development and management of the mobile strategy game Battle Champs.

About BlazeGames

代表取締役社長 岡田佑次

Upon graduating from Keio University's Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Yuji Okada joined the video game company Polygon Magic, Inc. He began as a project manager for console and arcade games, later moving on to help create a social games division and Derby x Derby. After working in conjunction with GREE, Inc. to develop Sengoku Kingdom, Okada transferred to GeePlus, Inc., a joint venture between Polygon Magic and GREE. There he led the Production Section, developing games and supervising live operations while also hiring, educating, and managing staff.

BlazeGames creates games for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mobile gaming is now a mature industry, with users demanding console-level
controls, systems, and graphics. That's one reason we aim to bring together members
with experience in both console and mobile games.

There are three ways in which we aim to be trailblazers:

Mission Statement


We aim to consistently surprise
and delight with innovative new
gaming experiences.


We help every team member
engage in the challenges that
interested them, regardless of
current experience level.


We turn players to fans through our
compelling content, and maintain a
healthy dialogue with those fans over
the long term.


This commitment to trailblazing has enabled us to create games
beloved by millions across the world.


Official name BlazeGames, Inc. Established Jul 31, 2014
Capital JPY 100,000,000 Expertise Game planning, development, and operation
Senior management President Yuji Okada
Directors Masaaki Kaidou
Directors Shogo Aizawa
Directors Koichi Watanabe
Directors Aisaku Chikaishi
Affiliated Companies Cygames, Inc.
CyDesignation, Inc.
CyberAgent, Inc.
Office Sumitomo-Fudousan Shibuya Garden Tower 15F,
16-17 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0036